What course participants have to say about us:

Marquette County Firefighters Association

For the last two years I have been in charge of the Marquette County Firefighter class. All my students must be certified in CPR and I always use Superior Life Services. They put on a great class and I can always count on them.

        Janelle Ruff, FF/EMT
        State of Michigan Certified Fire Instructor
West Ishpeming Dental Center

Our CPR is done as a group at the office.  Rob worked with our schedule and we had a great training session.

        Nancy Prodell
        Administrative Assistant
MI Works! The Job Force Board

...Conducted by Rob Sved of Superior Life Services in Marquette, classes of 15-30 youth followed Sved's instruction along with an interactive CPR training video.  They practiced their CPR techniques on life-like dummies and rotated in groups of three per dummy so that everyone got to practice with the video.  Throughout the training, the youth were quiet, focused and serious about the tasks at hand.  The event was a huge success....  More...

        MI Works! The Job Force Board

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