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Requirements for the Logging Industry

There are several special requirements laid out by OSHA Standard 1910.266 specific to the logging industry.  

Standard 1910.266 App A outlines requirements for job-site First Aid kits.  These kits contain all the necessary items for a minor wilderness accident.  They will not take the place of advanced medical care, but will allow a trained first responder to safely give aid to an injured person.

Standard 1910.266 App B lays out the required training for those in the field.  The American Heart Association has a course which encompasses all of the required topics in an easy to follow format.  The Heartsaver First Aid course is designed to guide all participants to use common sense skills when responding to any emergency.  The Heartsaver CPR course provides the required CPR training in a step-by-step format giving all learners the skills to save a life.  These two courses are commonly combined by Superior Life Services in a 4 hour program which satisfies the aspects required under Standard 1920.266 App B.  Superior Life Services also has First Aid kits and CPR masks available for purchase that meet the requirements set forth by OSHA.

At Superior Life Services we can provide services at your location for convenience.  Group rates are available by contacting the office.

Superior Life Services strongly encourages every member of the logging industry to comply with OSHA standards for the safety of the crew.  We take our work seriously because we know your lives are on the line.

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